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Alle tekst die GROEN is, betekent een link ergens naar toe
Info-Blokje = info-blokje> Zie, het klopt hč ?    Toegevoegd zo 7-12-2008 = Toegevoegd    Gewijzigd = Gewijzigd

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Click Hier Deep Purple ZiggoDome
" 10 oktober 2022 "

Click Hier Deep Purple Foto's
" 27 september 2019 "

Click Hier To Perfection

Click Hier To Perfection

Click Hier Nadrukkelijk BV Assen / Grafische Afwerking
" Wij maken Drukwerk Mooi "
(Beste Bedrijf in de wijde regio)
(Beste Werkgever die je kunt wensen)

Click hier - DP 2 juni 2017 in Ziggo Dome

Click hier - DP Album febr.2017, says Gillan !

Click hier -

Naar Promo DP Album April 2017

Youtube-Video 1 " ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD "

Link 1 naar "All the time in the world "

Youtube-Video 2 " ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD "

Link 2 naar "All the time in the world "

Youtube-Video " ALL I GOT IS YOU "

Link naar "All I got Is you"

Youtube-Video " THE SURPRISING "

Link naar "The Surprising"

Youtube-Video " THROW MY BONES "

Link naar "Throw my bones"

Youtube-Video " MAN ALIVE "

Link naar "Man Alive"

WhoCares - Out Of My Mind

WhoCares - Holy Water

SMOKE ON THE WATER - Official Rock Aid Armenia Promo Video
(Wermut & Dee 2010 remix)


Ian Gillan-One eye to Morocco
(album 'One eye to Morocco')

I don't know where I'm going
I don't know what I'm doing
But it feels alright

I have one eye to Morocco
I only have to follow
Through the scented night

Is fading away
The last thing
I heard you say
Was just a murmur
A distant blur
Your lips are moving
But I hear no words

All day
Sitting alone in my room
Waiting for no-one to call me
Lost in a dream of my own

I'm drawn by this obsession
With a tantalising vision
Of a swirling robe

I have one eye to Morocco
By the time I reach tomorrow
I'll be on that road

Sweet temptation
Draws me on
Gives me the strength
To cross my Rubicon
Past a point
Of no return
Ever onwards
As my bridges burn

All day
Sitting alone in my room
Waiting for no-one to call me
Lost in a dream of my own

One eye to Morocco

Nu (ma 15-11-2016) 32 songs hieronder !

Dear Jon is Gone

Jon Lord 9 June 1941 – 16 July 2012

Jon Lord has lost his battle with cancer. He passed away in the morning of Monday, July 16th, at The London Clinic. He has suffered a fatal pulmonary embolism.

Please leave your condolences at

Jon Lord 9 June 1941 – 16 July 2012

Jon Lord 9 June 1941 – 16 July 2012

Jon just died. I'm shocked and don't know what to do, so I'm going to try to tell you a little about Jon.

Jon was the powerhouse keyboard player that brought rock and classical directly together many times. The first was his timeless organ solo on "Highway Star". The next was his "Concerto for Band and Orchestra". I was able to perform with the whole band as it was played at Albert Hall before we toured extensively with it. Just weeks ago, I was able to play on a studio recording of Jon's concerto and share some heartfelt thoughts and words with him.

Jon was the guy that would stop us from giving up on an idea in songwriting because it wasn't immediately obvious. I remember him encouraging me in the studio to keep doing what I was doing as I played around with an idea that I was intrigued with. After writing something as amazing as his concerto, he still had the imagination to hear ideas on top of anything I suggested. He always had a regal, gentlemanly manner. Like any of us, he could get annoyed, but he would only show it with his wry and dry wit.

Mostly, he was upbeat and a pleasure for anybody to be around. His humor was right up my alley, with us exchanging ridiculous thoughts like,"If Brenda Lee married Tommy Lee, her new name would be Brenda Lee......" Or having him finish the tune when an announcement at an airport would start with several musical notes to get your attention. It's hard to give anecdotes that convey an ease that somebody could give you, but he sure had that ability. We all love people that will pay attention to our kids, and years ago he charmed my (then) 5 year old son, Kevin with a Donald Duck imitation even while he was being hurried to get out of the dressing room and go to the green room for after show greetings.

Jon retired from the endless DP tour schedule, but continued to do appearances with original material and performances of his concerto. I knew he missed the band he helped start, but at the same time couldn't stand the relentless travel. From time to time, we would see him on tour, and he would sit in with us. The last time we played, less than a year ago, at the Sunflower Jam at Royal Albert Hall, he had just come offstage from performing with Rick Wakeman. Later I talked with him and his wife about how strange it felt to look around at the keyboards and not see him there at Albert Hall. We promised to do something together. Soon thereafter, we all learned of his battle with Pancreatic cancer. I kept hearing hopeful, positive reports that they might be making progress, but this sudden death caught me totally unaware. I thought we would meet and do a recording project in the future when he recovered from the chemotherapy. Well, we sort of did, but I had to record it and send it to him, as we were in different countries.

If you have friends, family, especially kids, don't ever miss a chance to do or say something special....or simply appreciate the fact that they are there. One day, they won't be.

steve's signature Steve Morse (Deep Purple)

CLICK > ........
CLICK > ........

CLICK > New DP-Album in 2011 ?
CLICK > Gary Moore Died - Sad News !
CLICK > Ronnie James Dio Died - Sad News !

Je ziet het : een nieuwe layout ! krijgt een nieuwe layout. De meeste onderdelen van de vorige layout zullen ook weer in het nieuwe jasje terug te vinden zijn. Waarschijnlijk gaan alle pagina's dezelfde layout als deze voorpagina krijgen. Wat in ieder geval zéker verdwijnt zijn de volgende pagina's/onderdelen :
pagina's " Sitemap " en " Global Genius "

De beheerder wenst allen hier veel lees-/ kijk- en luisterplezier toe in de nieuwe layout ! De beheerder ziet er soms uit ..... door al het werk nu, hahaha.

De beheerder gaat er de komende weken, Dénkt ie ,wat meer energie in stoppen om de vernieuwing te versnellen, hihihi.

17 November 2009 21.00 u.
The Big Day !!
Deep Purple's Return To Holland !!!!
Dinsdagavond 'it happened again' !
Gillan and mates waren in de Heineken Music Hall om Amsterdam op z'n grondvesten te doen schudden !

Foto's (8) op de volgende pagina's >>
bijgewerkt 22-11-2009 17.47

Nieuws / News

DP in Holland / gewijzigd zo 22-11-2009 17.57   Click for larger picture ! Deep Purple/Amsterdam/Heineken Music Hall, 17-11-2009, FOTO'S !
Ian Gillan Meets Fans / toegevoegd di 29-09-2009 20.12   Click for larger picture ! Ian Gillan Meets Fans
Voorlopige tour-dates / bijgewerkt wo 12-08-2009 21.20   Click for larger picture ! Voorlopige tour-dates Deep Purple 2009 / 2010
Ian Gillan Unplugged / toegevoegd do 21-05-2009 22.35   Click for larger picture ! Gillan : 2 clips, 4 songs
Gillan interview / toegevoegd vr 27-03-2009 20.35   Click for larger picture ! Gillan interview (2009)
Gillan speaks / toegevoegd vr 27-03-2009 20.29   Click for larger picture ! Gillan videoclip : " it's just a cold "
Gillan speaks / toegevoegd vr 27-03-2009 20.29   Click for larger picture ! Gillan about new DP-album : "we're thinking it’s about time "
Gillan album / toegevoegd do 29-01-2009 18.47   Click for larger picture ! Interview/opnames nieuw Gillan album : (na 14 min. in de stream)
Possibility new DP-record / toegevoegd wo 24-12-2008 20.32   Click for larger picture ! Xmas/New Year wishes Gillan (new DP-record ?)
Foto's Deep Purple, Kassel, 2-11-2008   Click for larger picture ! Foto's Deep Purple, Kassel, 2-11-2008
Link naar website Jeff Healey   Click for larger picture ! Zo 2 maart : Jeff Healey overleden R.I.P.
Link naar MP3   Click for larger picture ! MP3 : Jeff Healey & Ian Gillan - When A Blind Man Cries

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Iemand de Kerstman wel eens naakt gezien ? Kik HIER maar eens even ...
Funny Gillan

Gillan aan 't begin van een 'besloten' concert van Deep Purple op dinsdag 18 dec. 2007 j.l. in Zürich, Zwitserland :

Yeahhhhhhh ! Hallo en welkom bij het reunie-concert van Led Zeppelin .... hihihi Wauwwwww !

Het programma Hoversnap v0.8 maakt een afbeelding van je scherm of een deel ervan. Klik hier om het te downloaden. Hieronder een voorbeeld van 'n deel van deze pagina :

Great !

DP News

Deep Purple - 11/07/08 Zaragoza
As we were about to hit the stage the gig here was blown out by a storm that arrived without notice. Did I say a storm? It was a tempest of biblical proportions. Sorry we didn't get to perform for you but the damage to stage and equipment was so bad that it was impossible. Some of the crew (not ours) were injured and we're waiting for reports. I hope you are all ok! We always try to get through these things, but for reasons of safety it was called off by the promoters. Needless to say we look forward to seeing you again sometime in the future. Cheers from all of the band, ig (from Caramba

Forum Rock Planet Gillan Rocks
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Naar Website Ronnie James Dio !

MUZU TV DEEP PURPLE         Naar !

Naar Deep Purple Tour Page !

Naar Website ACDC !


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Evenementen Timer

Tot het nieuwe album van Deep Purple
uitkomt op 26 April !!
De beheerder ziet er naar uit !

...... Tot het volgende concert
van Deep Purple begint
in ..... op .... !!
De beheerder ziet er naar uit !

P.s. Deep Purple was SUPER op :

        10-02-2006 in Dortmund (Dld.)
        09-06-2006 in Lichtenvoorde (Nl.)(Arrow Rock Festival)
        19-05-2007 in Hellendoorn (Nl.)
        19-11-2007 in Luik (Bel.)
        02-11-2008 in Kassel (Dld.)
        17-11-2009 in Amsterdam (Nl.)
        26-11-2010 in Oldenburg (Dld.)
        02-12-2011 in Arnhem (Nl.)
        04-12-2012 in Amsterdam (Nl.)
        ..-..-2013 in Zwolle (Nl.)

OK. Nu 10x live gezien én vooral GEHOORD (au, au) in 8 jaar !!

Naar Begin Van Deze Pagina


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